Emergency fund provides beacon of hope for GGC students


Students studyingIt is a sad reality that some GGC students face the disheartening prospect of being unable to stay in college because they fall a few dollars short of what they need to pay for tuition and fees. However, with the generous support of The Beacon Foundation Charitable Trust, a one-time emergency grant can keep their college dreams alive.

“The Beacon Foundation seeks to relieve poverty and financial distress, and they understand that these students are on the verge of leaving college for a small but critical financial need,” said Lori Buckheister, associate vice president for Development. “Relieving that financial stress allows more students to stay enrolled and continue working on their degree.”

The Beacon Foundation provided funding to create a Student Emergency Fund, which assists students with a demonstrated financial need and a tuition/fee shortfall of $200 or less. Financial Aid works with the GGC Foundation to identify eligible students.

“The Beacon Foundation has contributed $15,000 to the fund in the last three years,” Buckheister said. “Through this critical support, 114 students were able to continue working toward the more promising future that comes with a college education.”

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